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Referee 12U Soccer Games

The information below applies to our 1631 region home games. Other regions may have varying rules that you should understand if volunteering for another region's games.  Check their website for details or contact their RRA at [email protected] where xx = region number.

  • No jewelry including earrings, hard hair clips, bracelets, watches and necklaces.
  • No casts. If a player arrives at the field in a cast and takes off a removable cast, they still are not able to play.
  • Shin guards are required and should be worn inside socks.
  • Soccer cleats are highly recommended, though players can play in closed toe sneakers.
  • For interlocking games, home rules apply and referees should review the key rules with the coaches prior to the pre-game ceremony,
  • One Center Referee (CR) and 2 Assistant Referees (AR).
  • 9v9 with subs at quarters and halftime
  • 30 minute halves with quarter breaks at approximate 15 minute mark.
  • All players need to substitute once before a player subs twice. GK is a position on the field and is considered an active player for the quarter.
  • If a player gets injured and is substituted out by the coach (the coach has the option to let them sit out, playing down a player, until they feel better and then reenter the game with the permission of the CR), the player that started the quarter is given credit for playing that quarter. No exceptions.
  • Size 4 ball.
Additional Details
  • No INTENTIONAL headers.  If intentional header occurs, indirect kick to the other team at the point of the foul
  • 12U has Goal keepers.  No one person should GK the full game (enforced in tournaments, so best to help teams develop multiple keepers).  GK can NOT count for being out of the game for substitutions.
  • Punting or Drop Kicks by the goal keeper is allowed.
  • Safe slide tackles are allowed at this age. Consider caution for poor slide tackles early in the game to manage the game and keep from getting out of control.
  • Build out line is NOT applicable at this age.
Referee Recommendations
  • Coach, Parents and players should be placed on opposite sides of the field.
  • Referee should have a pre-game meeting with coaches to discuss the game and show parents and players we are friendly toward each other and working together as a team.  Have a cheat sheet of topics; throw-ins, build-out line, substitutions, GKs, etc.
  • Calls that may have reactions or complaints by sidelines, we recommend talking to the coach at halftime or end of game to explain your viewpoint and why a foul was called.  Build a trusted relationship.
  • Players should be able to understand the laws of the game and adapt quickly.  We discourage giving players second chances, such as for throw-ins.
  • Get ready to move, as this game is much quicker.  Be close to the action, so you can make proper calls.  Anticipate where the ball will be and go there early.  Examples are when the goal keeper is about to punt the ball, you should be near the halfway line.
  • Encourage ARs to be much more involved in calling fouls at the discretion and instructions of the CR before the game.
  • Monitor handshakes and encourage players to be good sports if you see anything that may cause issues
  • Adding time at the end of the half or end of game is at the discretion of the CR.  Examples include if there are unintentional long substitutions or injuries. Be mindful if schedules are tight, such as next game or end of permit time, which may restrict the ability to add more time.


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