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Using ARBITER to Self Assign games

As a referee, we are able to self assign the games we'd like to referee.  If you self assign a game and then need to change this, please send an email to [email protected] or if game is within 48 hours call / text the RRA for more immediate communication so they can locate a replacement.

Once you are fully trained, the Regional Referee Administrator (RRA) will setup an account for you in Arbiter and email details to access your account.

To self assign games:
  1. Go to and login to your account
  2. Select the SCHEDULE tab
  3. Select the sub-tab of SELF ASSIGN
  4. Enter the date you would like to referee
  5. If you know the field, you can enter the field or leave blank
  6. If you know the preferred age division, you can select the division.  To select multiple divisions, hold down the command key (for Macs) or control key (for non-Macs) and select the additional divisions.
  7. Press search and only available referee slots will appear for your selected criteria
  8. In the results, find the game and position (CR or AR) you would like to referee and select the GO button to the far right under the Assign column.  All set.
Entering scores after the game
  1. The CR is responsible for entering the scores and is the only one with access to do this for their games
  2. Go to and login to your account
  3. Select the SCHEDULE tab
  4. Use the filter to search on games from last week. Remember to press the APPLY FILTER button to the far right
  5. Any games that don't have a score and you were the CR, will have a RED "R" in the Notes column for that game.  Select the RED "R" and it will list the teams and you put a score for each team.  There is not a default, so enter "0" if a team didn't score.  Add any notes, but this is really for future reference and doesn't notify anyone that notes were entered.
Yellow and Red Cards
  • Put the team, player number in the game notes section in ARBITER
  • Email [email protected] with team, player number, player name, field and game start time. Describe the situation, so there is context with any suggestions.
  • RRA will assess the severity of the situation and act appropriately, which may include contacting the coach and coach administrator about the situation.
Some common mistakes or confusion using ARBITER
  • Selecting a field and age division that don't match, meaning that age division does not play at this field.  This will result in no results.
  • Self assigning a game and then a bunch of games disappear when going to select a second game.  The system is smart enough to know that if you selected a 9am game on a particular day that you can't select another game at the same time, so it doesn't show all the other 9am games.
  • Self assigning a game for a game in Downtown San Jose that goes from 9-10am and then trying to referee a game at 10am over in Cupertino.  The system knows the distance between fields and will not give you Cupertino games at 10a, as it knows you can't get there in 1 minute. It would show games that start at 10:30a and later though.
  • For schedule tab for viewing your referee prior to future games, selecting the filter to apply to view games and forgetting to click the APPLY FILTER on the far right. Filter will not return results until the APPLY FILTER button is clicked.

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