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Banner Building Instructions

Instructions below are if parents want to save costs and build a custom banner.  If the team opts to purchase a banner, consider as a supporter of AYSO Soccer.  Cost as of March 2015 was $85 plus tax with free next day ground shipping.  Banners ship within 1 or 2 days.  If purchased, you will need to also either purchase a kit to hang the banner at the fields (recommended to fit the banner) or once received build the support using the instructions below using PVC pipe and rebar.

Recommended Banner Dimensions: 60 inches x 36 inches

Support Material: PVC (1 inch pipe) & Rebar

  • 2 vertical supports, 60-72 in. long

  • 1 horizontal support, 61.5 in. long

  • 2 elbow (L-shaped) PVC connectors for the 1" pipe

  • 2 metal rebar poles, about 24 in. long

  • Optional (pvc glue to hold corner pieces, so they don’t get lost)

Fabric: Background fabric needs to be 68 inches x 44 inches for the hem.  Read full instructions prior to buying material.

Use fabric that will stand up to outdoor use/windy conditions and doesn't fray at the edges. Some options at the fabric store are vinyl, pleather, felt, and white window shade material. Another heavy duty fabric choice would be cotton duck, but the edges would fray and need to be hemmed (or you can use Fray-Check). You want to choose colors that go with your team uniform colors. They have basic color choices at the store but black, gray/silver, or white are good for a background. You can add your team colors in the decorations.

Banner Construction: Sew or glue up a 4 in. hem. Turn the sides in 3 1/4 in. Turn the top edge down 4 1/4 in. Cut out the corners where the turn downs overlap. Stitch or glue the sides at the edge only, leaving a pocket for the PVC tube to slip in. Stitch or glue down the top in the same way, leaving a pocket for the PVC rod.

Source: Soccer Banners

Design The Banner

For the graphics and lettering on your banner, cut all the pieces out of paper and lay them out the way you want it. Use the pieces laid out close together to estimate how much of each color material you will need. Then you will use the paper as templates to cut your fabric.

Graphics: You can use free clip art. Print, then enlarge via copy machine in sections to the size desired. Piece together the sections to make a pattern for the graphic.

Soccer Ball Graphics: Many banners will have a soccer ball on them. Cut out a paper circle of the desired size as a template. Draw in a couple of pentagons and partial pentagons, with lines connecting the corners. I used a pre-existing picture of a soccer ball to get the right look. Poke small holes at the corners of the pentagons. Place the template on fabric, trace the circle and use a permanent marker to mark small dots through the holes where the points should be. Cut out the circles and fill in the pentagons and lines with marker or fabric paint.

Lettering: Optional section if you want to make letters using computer software.  Consider free hand letter making.

Block lettering is easy to do via Microsoft Word, and you can download and use free fun fonts from the Internet. After you install the font needed, use the "Wordart" function in Word. Type in the letters of your text (I do about 3-4 letters at a time) and resize the text box until it's big enough. Then print and use the paper letters as a template to cut out your fabric.

Free Font Links

Main Lettering: Block letters around 6 inches height are a good size for visibility. Cut block letters out of contrasting material.

Team Members Names: 2 1/2 to 3 inches height is a good size. First names only. Cut block letters out of the material.  For safety reasons, please DO NOT put player numbers or last names on the banner.

Coaches' Names: 2 1/2 to 3 inches height is also a good size for these. Cut block letters out of material.

Glue: Use a good fabric/vinyl glue. Tape the graphics and lettering in place until the arrangement is satisfactory, then go back and glue everything down. Or stitch everything down which is the best way to ensure pieces don't fall off on those windy days, if you don't mind the extra time and effort.

To Assemble the Banner on Game Day: Use a mallet or hammer to drive rebar stakes into the ground, banner width apart. With the banner flat on the ground, slide the long top support pipe through the banner top, then slide the two side supports down each side. Connect the pipes with the L-connector (if not glued to longer pieces). Slide the support pipes over the rebar to stand the banner up.

After the season: If you are clever in your design and placement of the kids' names, you can cut out each name (along with any design elements) and present it to the kids as a keepsake of their season.

Thank you to dfelker @ for her online instructions which we used for creating our banner building instructions.

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